MerchantQuote shops multiple payment processors to save you time and money.
Over 99% of our quotes reduce credit card processing fees to deliver significant cost savings and increased profits for merchants!

The MerchantQuote Difference

MerchantQuote is your single source to make it easy to find the best payment processor with the lowest fees. We shop for you and compare multiple payment processors to find the best payment processing solution that will save you money.

The MerchantQuote difference is that we have access to not one processor but multiple processors to help you find the best payment processing rates – like an insurance broker. Using the leverage of the aggregated processing volume of our over 5,000 merchant clients with over $5 billion annual transactions, MerchantQuote has the ability to negotiate preferential large volume discounted rates with processors for our clients that an individual merchant may not be able to obtain on their own. Our long established relationships with merchant processing providers and large volume processing power means we can reduce your payment processing costs to save you time and money.

All Industries

MerchantQuote experts have the industry experience to successfully reduce processing costs for businesses in all industries and non-profits, including merchants with businesses that are considered as high risk.

All Types of Payments

No matter what types of payments you accept, MerchantQuote can reduce your costs. You can save on the costs for processing of all major payment methods including credit card, debit card, ACH, Procurement Cards (P-Cards), and international transactions in over 30 countries.

Equipment Solutions

We offer the most up-to-date terminals and point-of-sale systems available on the market, including virtual terminals, text-to-pay, and email invoicing. Often we can reprogram your existing equipment to meet the needs of any of our processors.

Proven Results

With over 5,000 merchant businesses and non-profits reducing their costs with MerchantQuote, you can rely on our team as your trusted source to reduce your payment processing costs.

Let us shop for you with a no cost, no obligation cost comparison quote.

MerchantQuote At A Glance


How It Works

Rather than dealing with a bank or trying to figure out the myriad of different processors and fees on your own, we do the shopping for you with our access to our multiple processor relationships to find the best solution for your business.

All we need from you is one merchant statement showing an average month of processing transactions and our team takes it from there. Our analysts will shop our multiple processor partnerships and provide you with a side-by-side cost comparison quote showing your current rates and fees compared with the best rates we can access that will provide you with significant savings.

It’s that simple. And fast. Most quotes can be delivered within one business day!
And obtaining a quote is at no cost to you and with no obligation.

Getting a quote from MerchantQuote is simple, straightforward, and efficient.

Our Trusted Processing Solutions

We have access to the nation’s leading payment processors with a proven track record of reliability and providing MerchantQuote’s clients with the highest levels of service at the best pricing.

Our high transaction volume and long-established relationships with these processors allow us to negotiate large-volume discounted rates to pass on to our merchant clients.

There are no long-term contracts with our processors and you won’t find any hidden charges or cancellation fees. We take pride in the fact that our processors are trusted relationships that are secure, reliable and completely transparent. Payments are processed securely, quickly and efficiently.

If you are already using one of our processor partners, we can provide you with a quote based on our high volume preferential rates to reduce your costs.

A Few of Our Trusted Payment Processor Partnerships

State of the Art Security

MerchantQuote is committed to ensuring the secure transfer of all your credit card transactions. This commitment is why we partner with processing solutions that have the advanced tools and years of experience to support your business.

Our processing partners are PCI DSS–compliant and elevate payment security to a new level with cutting-edge technology to provide the most secure payment gateway for your business.

By combining Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with a patented tokenization process and PCI-certified vault storage you can rest assured your data is secure.

Efficient, Reliable, Trusted

Cost Savings

We have access to the lowest rates using the power of the aggregated transaction processing volume of over 5,000 merchant clients with over $5 billion in annual payments. 

Time Savings

As a busy merchant, you most likely do not have time to shop the countless processors to find the lowest fees. MerchantQuote shops for you so you can stay focused on what you do best – your business.


Our team of experienced industry experts knows what to look for to analyze your merchant statement to reduce the many fees and charges. We only recommend the most trusted and reliable processors.

Unparalleled Service

The satisfaction and success of our clients is our top priority. MerchantQuote serves you as your trusted partner with our knowledgeable U.S.- based customer service team to assist you with your processing questions and needs.

Our Clients

We proudly serve over 5,000 merchant businesses and non-profits in over 30 countries. Companies in all industries have benefited by having MerchantQuote shop to find the lowest processing fees to save money.

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